Recycling helps to conserve natural resources, amongst other benefits. We operate our own segregation line allowing us to increase the recycling rates and all recyclables collected are recycled via high standard procedures.

We also run and manage the following services:

  • Collect all type of recyclables
  • Collect all type of recyclables
  • Offer solutions to increase recycling rates
  • Rebate schemes for those who qualify

Mpact Recycling

Mpact Recycling is one of South Africa’s leading paper and PET recycler in South Africa. The recycling division is part of Mpact Limited, one of the leading paper and plastic packaging businesses in South Africa. We collect approximately 600,000 tonnes per annum of recovered paper and plastic. The paper goes to the Mpact Group’s paper mills for processing into recycled-based carton board and container board and the PET bottles go to its recycled PET (rPET) plant – Mpact Polymers – for producing recycled PET bottles.


Maximising recycling is our specialty. We work to ensure the process of recycling is easy for you by placing our staff on-site to keep your waste area clean. Our job is to make sure that the right waste is sorted in the right order to get the highest value in the recycling market and, if you have an item of waste that is difficult to sell in your waste stream, it’s our job to find you the right buyer.


As one of the most reputable Waste Management competitors in Gauteng, and has spent years studying and monitoring the National Waste Management Strategy. SkipWaste always try to find alternative solutions.

It has become evident that landfills will no longer be able to accommodate recyclable and biodegradable products.  There for the company has invested in the food and packaging separator commercially available in South Africa. Our Food and Packaging Separator Machine has the ability to separate any solid or liquid contents from any form of packaging made from glass, metal, cardboard, plastic and paper. Dry greens composting – Normal wood off cuts or any garden refuge. Food products – Most food that is not contaminated with other hazardous materials. Liquid consumables – Special solution for all liquids that can be used for human consumption


EnviroServ Waste Management has been a leading African waste management brand for 40 years. We have successfully operated within all industries and have operations in all nine provinces of South Africa and beyond, to become a trusted and preferred waste management supplier in sub-Saharan Africa. We own and manage eight hazardous and non-hazardous landfill facilities. EnviroServ offers appropriate solutions to complex hazardous and non-hazardous waste and chemical pollution problems and assure our clients of peace of mind with regard to legal compliance, safe handling, transportation and management thereof. EnviroServ supports the government’s objective of minimising waste to landfill. Services Include:

  • Technical waste management support
  • Minimising waste to landfill
  • Waste recycling and on-site waste management
  • Waste collection services
  • Hazardous waste services
  • Municipal waste services
  • Waste treatment and disposal
  • Landfill management

List of Recycling & recovery Suppliers

Name Membership Category Service Category Area Operation Email Website
Central Trading and Developments MemberRecycling & recoveryRSAcentraladmin@webmail.co.zacentraladmin.wixsite.com/mysite
Eco-Buzz investments ( PTY) LTDMemberRecycling & recoveryMPmpendulo@ecobuzzrecyclers.comecobuzzrecyclers.com
EP WASTE MANAGEMENTMemberRecycling & recoveryECsales@epwastemanagement.co.zawww.epwastemanagement.co.za
Averda South AfricaMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo.sa@averda.comaverda.co.za/
Bulkmatech Engineering (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recovery0info@bulkmatech.co.zaN/A
Consolidated Waste (Pty) Ltd t/a SkipwasteMemberRecycling & recoveryGP, NWrialine@skipwaste.co.zawww.skipwaste.co.za
MTHREE ON SITEMemberRecycling & recoveryGPgreame@mthreeonsite.co.zawww.mthreeonsite.co.za
Onsite Waste Management Solutions MemberRecycling & recoveryGP, Lmanager@onsitewaste.co.zawww.onsitewaste.co.za
AKURA Manufacturing Engineering Company (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAsales@akura.co.zawww.akura.co.za
A-Thermal Retort TechnologiesMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAumonique@athermal.co.zaN/A
USE IT WASTE BENEFICIATION CENTRE (RF) NPCMemberRecycling & recoveryKZNchriswhyte@use-it.co.zawww.use-it.co.za
Use It Waste Beneficiation (RF) NPCMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo@use-it.co.zawww.use-it.co.za
USE-ITMemberRecycling & recoveryKZNinfo@use-it.co.zawww.use-it.co.za
Resource InnovationsMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAdarrin@riafrica.co.zaN/A
iWasteMemberRecycling & recoveryGP, WPderek@iwaste.co.zawww.iwaste.co.za
Rent-A-DrumMemberRecycling & recoverycoo@rent-a-drum.com.nawww.rent-a-drum.com.na
Don't Waste ServicesMemberRecycling & recovery0tonyh@dontwaste.co.zaN/A
The Waste Group (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSApieter@wastegroup.co.zawww.thewastegroup.co.za
Thinti Afrika Projects JW Primary Co-Operative LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSA, GPthinta.africa@gmail.comthintiafrika.co.za
WastebustersMemberRecycling & recovery0info@wastebusters.co.za N/A
WRAPP Technologies (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryGP, KZN, WPmarlize@wrapp.co.zawww.wrapp.co.za
Shred-con cc t/a skips 4 africaMemberRecycling & recoveryGPtjaart@skips4africa.co.zawww.skips4africa.co.za
Emalahleni waste management MemberRecycling & recoveryRSAemalahleniwaste.management@gmail.comwww.emalahleniwaste.co.za
No Waste ManagementMemberRecycling & recoveryEC, GPnowastemanagement@gmail.comwww.nowastemanagement.co.za
MIB Waste Services MemberRecycling & recoveryKZNwarren@mibws.co.zawww.mibws.co.za
Binclean SAMemberRecycling & recoveryGPsales@bincleansa.co.zawww.bincleansa.co.za
Hayani Waste and Transport (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryGPmbudzeni@hayanitp.co.zahayanitp.co.za
IWESCO (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryEC, GP, MP, WPnatasha@iwesco.co.zawww.iwesco.co.za
HAZQUIP (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo@hazquip.co.zawww.hazquip.co.za
Ma'boneMemberRecycling & recovery0info@mabone.co.zaN/A
WasteMartMemberRecycling & recoveryGP, WPliesel@wastemart.co.zawww.wastemart.co.za
Marineslops Pty LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryWPoperations@marineslops.comwww.marineslops.com
Reclite SA (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSA, EC, FS, GP, KZN, L, MP, NCinfo@reclite.co.zawww.reclite.co.za
Colin HigginsMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAcolin@erasedata.co.zawww.erasedata.co.za
Xtreme ProjectsMemberRecycling & recoveryECinfo@xtremeprojects.co.zaxtremeprojects.co.za
Sundeep Govind MemberRecycling & recoveryEC, GP, KZNInfo@dropletsforlife.co.zadropletsforlife.co.za
Veto Trading CC T/A Water Recovery ServicesMemberRecycling & recoveryKZNpaul@oilrecoveryservices.netoilrecoveryservices.net
Greener Pastures Recycling Company (Pty) Ltd MemberRecycling & recoveryGP, Lgreenerpasturesrc@gmail.comN/a
Tata Waste (Pty) Ltd.MemberRecycling & recoveryECwayne@tatawaste.co.zawww.tatawaste.co.za
Phehla Konke Trading MemberRecycling & recoveryECmpbandla@gmail.comNone
Chenchi Projects Pty LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryNWsales@chenchiprojects.co.zawww,chenchiprojects.co.za
Oricol Environmental ServicesMemberRecycling & recoveryEC, GP, KZNsales@oricoles.co.zawww.oricoles.co.za
WasteplanMemberRecycling & recoveryWP, EC, KZN, GP, FSbertie@wasteplan.co.zawww.wasteplan.co.za
Marula Conservation ProjectMemberRecycling & recoveryL, MPcindy@marulaconservation.co.zawww.marulaconservation.co.za
Rare Earth Recycling TechnologiesMemberRecycling & recoveryKZNinfo@rert.co.zawww.rert.co.za
Louis GermishuysMemberRecycling & recoveryRSA, WPlouisg@boaafrica.co.zawww.boarecycling.nl
Kobus Otto MemberRecycling & recoveryRSAkobus@kobusotto.co.zawww.kobusotto.co.za
Recycle Namibia ForumMemberRecycling & recoveryNamibiacoordinator@rnf.com.nawww.rnf.com.na
Hugh TyrrellMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAhugh@greenedge.co.zawww.greenedge.co.za
Musa JackMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAmusa1@mweb.co.zaN/A
Remade RecyclingMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo@remade.co.zawww.remade.co.za
Oddbin RecyclersMemberRecycling & recoveryGPmarinus@oddbinrecyclers.co.zawww.oddbinrecyclers.co.za
GreencycleMemberRecycling & recoveryECinfo@greencycle.co.zawww.greencycle.co.za
Sindawonye Granulators and Processors (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAalwyn@sindawonye.comwww.sindawonye.com
AEW Solutions (PTY) LTDMemberRecycling & recoveryFS, GP, KZN, L, MP, NC, NW, WPulze.vanwyk@africaewaste.co.zawww.africaewaste.co.za
Amazing E Waste Collectors and Processors (Pty)LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryECamazing.ewaste@gmail.comAmazing E Waste Collectors and Processors (Pty)Ltd
Eskom Rotek IndustriesMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAndwamitp@eskom.co.zawww.rotekindustries.co.za
Osman Adeeb MemberRecycling & recoveryWPoadieb1980@gmail.com
Ecoservices Cape c.c.MemberRecycling & recoveryWPecoservices@iafrica.comN/A
RUR DevelopmentMemberRecycling & recoveryEC, GPvuyisa.tshem@gmail.comwww.rur-dev.co.za
OLIV-CO SA (PTY) LTDMemberRecycling & recoveryWPsales@olivcosa.comhttps://www.olivcosa.com
EnviroServ Waste Management (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAclientservices@enviroserv.co.zawww.enviroserv.co.za
GLONS GROUPMemberRecycling & recoveryECglonsgroup@gmail.comwww.glonsgroup.co.za
Fuel 44 (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryWPelsa@fuel44.co.zawww.fuel44.co.za
Africa Bunkering and shippingMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAangie@africabunkering.co.zawww.africabunkering.co.za
Sukuza Group (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryGP, KZNcnmahlaba@sukuzagroup.co.zawww.sukuzagroup.co.za
Sting Transport MemberRecycling & recoveryGP, KZNstingwood.green@gmail.comwww.facebook.com/diehoutshop/?ref=bookmarks
Jan van NiekerkMemberRecycling & recovery0jvn@hermanus.co.zaN/A
The Waste Trade CompanyMemberRecycling & recoveryECinfo@thewastetradecompany.co.zawww.thewastetradecompany.co.za
Desco Electronic RecyclersMemberRecycling & recovery0jan@desco.co.zaN/A
Oilkol (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo@oilkol.co.zawww.usedoil.co.za
Johannes NgomaneMemberRecycling & recoveryMPzakhescrapmetal@gmail.comwww.sizwescrapmetal.com
Tufflex Plastic Products (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAmonique@tufflex.co.zawww.tufflex.co.za
Mpact RecyclingMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo@mpact.co.zawww.mpactrecycling.co.za
Ngomane, JohannesMemberRecycling & recoveryzagkhescrapmetal@gmail.com
Ihlumelo Industries cc MemberRecycling & recoveryECmtunzi@ihlumelometals.co.zawww.ihlumelometals.co.za
Garth Mc FarlaneMemberRecycling & recoveryRSAinfo@sinkmaster.co.zawww.sinkmaster.co.za
Collect-a-CanMemberRecycling & recoveryGP, KZN, WPjenette@collectacan.co.zawww.collectacan.co.za
Baclan Energy Pty Ltd t/a Ewaste AfricaMemberRecycling & recoveryRSA, EC, FS, GP, KZN, MP, NC, NWinfo@ewasteafrica.netwww.ewasteafrica.net
Dane GovindMemberRecycling & recoveryEC, GP, WPdaneg@dropletsforlife.co.zaN/A
Jasjian (Pty) LtdMemberRecycling & recovery0jacqueline.pillay@jasjian.comN/A
Zakhe Scrap Metal TradingMemberRecycling & recoveryMPzakhescrapmetal@gmail.comN/A
MolikiMemberRecycling & recoveryMPmankgem6@gmail.comN/A
K1 RecyclingMemberRecycling & recoveryGPinfo@k1recycling.co.zawww.k1recycling.co.za
Why WasteMemberRecycling & recoveryKZNwhywaste@telkomsa.netwww.whywasteladysmith.co.za
Master Waste ManagementNon memberRecycling & recoveryECjessie.jnjtrust@gmail.comN/A
ISO Elitsha (Pty) LtdNon memberRecycling & recoveryGPnyamekogqiba@gmail.comN/A
Sizwe Scrap Metal and ProjectsNon MemberRecycling & recoveryMPzakhesctapmetal@gmail.comwww.sizwe scrap metal.com
Truck Waste Recycling (Pty) LtdNon memberRecycling & recovery0byron@auto-waste.co.zaN/A
Ttx Oil Collectors (Pty) LtdNon memberRecycling & recoveryWPttxoilcollectors@gmail.comN/A