EnviroServ Waste Management has been a leading African waste management brand for 40 years. We have successfully operated within all industries and have operations in all nine provinces of South Africa and beyond, to become a trusted and preferred waste management supplier in sub-Saharan Africa. We own and manage eight hazardous and non-hazardous landfill facilities. EnviroServ offers appropriate solutions to complex hazardous and non-hazardous waste and chemical pollution problems and assure our clients of peace of mind with regard to legal compliance, safe handling, transportation and management thereof. EnviroServ supports the government’s objective of minimising waste to landfill. Services Include:

  • Technical waste management support
  • Minimising waste to landfill
  • Waste recycling and on-site waste management
  • Waste collection services
  • Hazardous waste services
  • Municipal waste services
  • Waste treatment and disposal
  • Landfill management

Tiger Chemical Treatment

Tiger Chemical Treatment (Pty) Ltd (TCT) has been operational since 1987 and has a licenced facility situated in Knights, Germiston that treats effluent streams emanating mainly from the metal finishing industries and refineries. The types of wastes treated include soluble oils/oil/water mixtures, spent acids, spent caustics and wash waters. Where possible, metals such as copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt are reclaimed.

The effluents are either collected by TCT's tanker trucks or are delivered to the treatment plant by third parties. The treatment processes are hydrometallurgical and electrolytic.

Telephone: 011 828 5652

List of Oil & Chemicals Suppliers

Name Membership Category Service Category Area Operation Email Website
Central Trading and Developments MemberOil & ChemicalsRSAcentraladmin@webmail.co.zacentraladmin.wixsite.com/mysite
EP WASTE MANAGEMENTMemberOil & ChemicalsECsales@epwastemanagement.co.zawww.epwastemanagement.co.za
Averda South AfricaMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAinfo.sa@averda.comaverda.co.za/
MTHREE ON SITEMemberOil & ChemicalsGPgreame@mthreeonsite.co.zawww.mthreeonsite.co.za
Onsite Waste Management Solutions MemberOil & ChemicalsGP, Lmanager@onsitewaste.co.zawww.onsitewaste.co.za
A-Thermal Retort TechnologiesMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAumonique@athermal.co.zaN/A
Alytech - Integrated Waste Management Consultants and On-Site HCMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAchristo@alytech.co.zaN/A
Resource InnovationsMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAdarrin@riafrica.co.zaN/A
Nvirobuild (Pty) LtdMemberOil & Chemicals0garieslambrechts@nvirobuild.co.zaN/A
Emalahleni waste management MemberOil & ChemicalsRSAemalahleniwaste.management@gmail.comwww.emalahleniwaste.co.za
MIB Waste Services MemberOil & ChemicalsKZNwarren@mibws.co.zawww.mibws.co.za
Waste Control (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsWPwc.sales@sametal.co.zawww.wastecontrol.co.za
Geona Logistics (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAchantel.blessinglogistics2010@gmail.comN/A
IWESCO (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsEC, GP, MP, WPnatasha@iwesco.co.zawww.iwesco.co.za
HAZQUIP (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAinfo@hazquip.co.zawww.hazquip.co.za
Spill Tech (Pty) LtdMemberOil & Chemicalsinfo@spilltech.co.zawww.spilltech.co.za
Ma'boneMemberOil & Chemicals0info@mabone.co.zaN/A
Marineslops Pty LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsWPoperations@marineslops.comwww.marineslops.com
Nhluvuko Capital(Pty)LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsGPachie@nhluvukocapital.co.zawww.nhluvukocapital.co.za
Xtreme ProjectsMemberOil & ChemicalsECinfo@xtremeprojects.co.zaxtremeprojects.co.za
MNE Waste ManagementMemberOil & ChemicalsGPsandile@mneltd.co.zawww.mneltd.co.za
Makhele Enviro and Waste Management Solutions (Pty) LtdMemberOil & Chemicals0relebohilem@makhsolutions.co.zaN/A
Sundeep Govind MemberOil & ChemicalsEC, GP, KZNInfo@dropletsforlife.co.zadropletsforlife.co.za
Veto Trading CC T/A Water Recovery ServicesMemberOil & ChemicalsKZNpaul@oilrecoveryservices.netoilrecoveryservices.net
Pearly Blue MemberOil & ChemicalsGP, KZNinfo@pearlyblue.netwww.pearlyblue.net
Chenchi Projects Pty LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsNWsales@chenchiprojects.co.zawww,chenchiprojects.co.za
Mills and Otten Environmental ConsultantsMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAinfo@millsandotten.co.zamillsandotten.co.za
Responsible Packaging Management Association of Southern Africa MemberOil & ChemicalsRSAinfo@rpmasa.org.zawww.rpmasa.org.za
Sillito Environmental ConsultingMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAinfo@environmentalconsultants.co.zawww.environmentalconsultants.co.za
Ecoservices Cape c.c.MemberOil & ChemicalsWPecoservices@iafrica.comN/A
EnviroServ Waste Management (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAclientservices@enviroserv.co.zawww.enviroserv.co.za
GLONS GROUPMemberOil & ChemicalsECglonsgroup@gmail.comwww.glonsgroup.co.za
Tiger Chemical Treatment (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsGPwilmarie.tiger@icon.co.zatigerchem.co.za
Fuel 44 (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsWPelsa@fuel44.co.zawww.fuel44.co.za
Africa Bunkering and shippingMemberOil & ChemicalsRSAangie@africabunkering.co.zawww.africabunkering.co.za
Njenje Energy Pty LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsKZNadmin@tscibane.comN/A
Sukuza Group (Pty) LtdMemberOil & ChemicalsGP, KZNcnmahlaba@sukuzagroup.co.zawww.sukuzagroup.co.za