Mpact Recycling is one of South Africa’s leading paper and PET recycler in South Africa. The recycling division is part of Mpact Limited, one of the leading paper and plastic packaging businesses in South Africa.

We collect approximately 600,000 tonnes per annum of recovered paper and plastic.

The paper goes to the Mpact Group’s paper mills for processing into recycled-based carton board and container board and the PET bottles go to its recycled PET (rPET) plant – Mpact Polymers – for producing recycled PET bottles.

Mpact Recycling runs a number of recycling programmes. These include:

  • Small business – we have many small business entrepreneurs who have started their own paper pick-up collection businesses, mainly by opening a buy-back centre. This programme is aimed at creating income opportunities for many people in local communities.
  • Recycling dealers – we have numerous dealers who supply us, strategically situated in towns and villages around each province, providing many communities countrywide with the opportunity to recycle.
  • Post-consumer collections – our nationwide programme includes schools, community centres, garden sites, charities, churches and so on. These programmes enable these institutions to raise much-needed funds while raising environmental awareness. They form part of the Ronnie Recycler education programme. Ronnie since his re-launch in 2013 has impacted on the lives of over 464,082 children to date.
  • Kerbside City of Ekurhuleni. Collections are done weekly or bi-weekly, with different collection days for each area.
  • Commercial – this programme includes the removal of recyclable paper and cardboard from businesses, industry and paper convertors.

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