Compliance and legislation adherence is a critical and imperative component to ensure that your business remains up to date with the latest happenings regarding the environment. Please get in touch and contact us to ensure you are always aware of any additional legislation that may be required and ensure national and provisional adherence.

List of Legislation Suppliers

Name Membership Category Service Category Area Operation Email Website
Central Trading and Developments
Carin Bosman Sustainable Solutions CC t/ CBSSMemberLegislationRSA, EC, FS, GP, KZN, L, MP, NC,
Deidre DippenaarMemberLegislationRSAenvirograde@gmail.comN/A
JPCE (Pty)
Kobus Otto
Responsible Packaging Management Association of Southern Africa
Sillito Environmental
TVK RecyclersNon
Makomoto and Sebe Environmental Consulting Non