Averda operates and owns a comprehensive healthcare waste management solution. We offer an end-to-end service, with full traceability every step of the way to ensure customer peace of mind. Our services include the supply of containers, collection, incineration or deactivation, and disposal of waste so that our clients can have peace of mind.

Unparalleled Service and Ongoing Support

We offer you a comprehensive healthcare risk waste (HCRW) solution, so you can focus your attention on the core responsibilities within your practice.

Our customer-focused HCRW solution includes containment, transportation, treatment and disposal. Our individually barcoded SANS aligned, and SABS / UN approved containers can be tracked and traced.

Infectious and sharps waste is treated using our autoclave technology, which is eco-friendly. In the case of anatomical, pharmaceutical and cytotoxic waste, permitted incinerators are used.

All treated waste and residue is disposed of in permitted landfills. Safe Disposal Certificates are issued once the waste is disposed of.

With Compass, you will have peace of mind that your HCRW solution is compliant with all the necessary legal requirements.


Initial provides medical waste disposal services which are designed to help you manage your infectious, sharps and pharmaceutical waste effectively. We provide your business or practice with a safe, compliant and bespoke waste collection and disposal service to keep your staff, customers, or patients safe. Our units are regularly and discreetly exchanged with stringently cleaned replacements.

List of Health Care Risk Waste Suppliers

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