Safetrip launches a user-friendly app for vehicle condition and pre-trip inspections

Safetrip is a step-by-step vehicle inspection-process. It guides the user through the inspection process with simple navigation icons that are easy to understand. The inspection looks at critical features both the functional, safety critical and cosmetic areas of your vehicle such as lights, tyres, mirrors, glass and body panels. Consequently, it assures your fleet is safe and fit for operation.

Once the inspection is completed the user is provided with a brief summary of the condition the vehicle This summary clearly highlights minor and major faults of the vehicle, this allows for preventative measures to your vehicle before it leaves the safety of the operation.

Key features of Safetrip include:

  1. Build custom electronic inspection forms based on your fleet-type. Create your own inspection schedules based on the needs and demands of your fleet.
  2. Perform digital inspections on your vehicles with any smart device. Smart-prompts guide the driver through the inspection to ensure standardised and auditable reports.
  3. Drill down into the data and gain greater visibility into the day-to-day condition of your fleet with real-time inspection reports.
  4. Optimise maintenance schedules and utilisation of vehicles by capturing vehicle diagnostics.
  5. Set and customise triggers for alarms and safety mechanisms. Quickly identify faults and potential red flags before they arise on any of your vehicles.

SafeTrip is a platform that digitises critical inspections processes with an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application. The solution provides fleet owners and operators with enhanced visibility into the health and condition of their fleet. With detailed reporting and insights, it’s never been easier to proactively manage the safety and security of a fleet at scale. 

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