Project Image continues to show exceptional growth the waste management supplier portal established in conjunction with the IWMSA continues to achieve outstanding growth. The website which lists 216 suppliers of services in 25 categories of waste management service supply is now 2 ½ years old and has achieved a 200% growth YoY in the number of users. We now average over 4100 page views per month. That represents 11,500 users in the last 12 months.

As a B2B website its usage clearly demonstrates that businesses are placing increasing importance on responsible waste management. is unique in South Africa and the support and encouragement from the IWMSA is enabling users to more easily find responsible service providers.

We have a number of leading and specialised companies advertising in the website who regularly receive sales enquiries through direct customer contact or as a result of redirected enquiries from The range of enquiries is wide from listed companies, manufacturers, schools, wind / solar energy farms, cross border companies and recyclers of paper, glass etc. We clearly are reaching the right audience.

Although we continue to receive a significant number of enquiries from corporate companies, some with household names, we receive enquiries from entrepreneurs who see waste management as an inviting business opportunity. It is this latter category which requires comment. They are supported in metropolitan centres by corporates but lack support in our smaller centres. Transportation costs currently limit their profitability but a concerted effort by Government to support their activities will potentially achieve our national priorities of reduced unemployment and waste reduction.

All suppliers of waste management services are welcome to participate in where their services, website and email details are recorded either by registering or advertising. will continue to invest in developing the website with the view of enabling businesses, entrepreneurs and private persons to easily find responsible suppliers of waste management services. The Buyer's Guide for the Waste Management Industry

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