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5 Reasons to use specialised Digital inspections services for fleets

FleetSpections, who provide specialised Digital inspections and Vehicle valuation services for fleets, has secured its first customer and we are now in the process of inspecting over 1000 vehicles for a municipality.

This customer wants to update its fleet register and record the vehicle’s condition and usage.

Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider using a Digital inspections and Vehicle valuation service your fleet.

  1. You need to update your fleet register and record the condition and usage of your fleet.

Accurate fleet registers are the foundation of fleet and financial / asset management activities and play a key role in replacement planning, vehicle relicensing, service scheduling, insurance management, utilisation and financial management.

  1. You need to prepare a fleet replacement plan including a Capex and Opex forecast.

A detailed fleet register identifies vehicles that exceed policy limits. Calculating the balance of useful life, with adjustments for condition and usage, facilitates the development of replacement plans and future Capex and Opex forecasting requirements.

  1. You have FML vehicles that are due for return

FML agreements have strict requirements for the return of a vehicle, Kms usage and condition. Identify the vehicle condition prior to return and use your own resources to contain these costs.

  1. Your company’s Health and Safety (HSE) policy requires a vehicle condition report.

Corporate HSE policies often define the requirements of condition for company vehicles. This applies to both company and car allowance vehicles. The digital inspection service will generate independent certification that policy requirements are being achieved.

  1. You take risk on a vehicle’s condition or you are an insurer.

Vehicle rental services have strict condition requirements which need constant management. Alternatively, as an insurer establishing the condition of a vehicle prior to insurance can avoid the costs of unjustified repairs.

A specialised Digital inspections and Vehicle valuation services provides detailed reports which include vehicle specifications, condition report, odometer readings, valuation and photographs from pre-determined angles including damage.

FleetSpections is an independent service provider and the detailed reports can be used by a number of businesses including financial services, insurance and public and business fleets.

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