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Solving the problem of a fleet audit.

A new vehicle inspection and valuation service has been launched to provide a technology based solution for one of fleet management’s recurring problems - the fleet audit.

As fleet management consultants we seldom meet an organisation – public or private, where an accurate and detailed fleet register is available. Considering that the fleet register enables Finance to feed asset information into financial statements, working capital management, budgeting and financial planning and Fleet to manage the usage and operating costs of its fleet, this could be seen as a serious oversight.

The new digital inspection service incorporates the scanning of the vehicle’s license disc, photographing the vehicle from pre - determined angles, recording of major and minor damage to body, glass, lights and indicators and current odometer readings. All of this information is then consolidated into an online fleet register. An additional feature of this service is the valuation of the vehicle which is based on industry used vehicle valuation systems with adjustments for prevailing market conditions and vehicle condition.

The digital inspection and valuation service uses mature online software systems with links to the leading vehicle valuation services provided by our partners.

This service is seen to have considerable benefit to those organisations that have a need for a quality fleet register, with valuations, but more specifically for those who carry risk on a vehicle’s condition and usage – such as leasing and insurance companies. As an independent organisation we can provide services where an independent evaluation is required in potential dispute resolution.

Both Nigel Webb and Andile Africa who provide this service through are recognised for their considerable fleet management experience and expertise. Utilising the quality fleet register which reflects condition, valuation and usage information they are able to develop a replacement plan including future Capex and Opex forecasting models and implement operating cost management systems. is a major step forward in resolving the need for fleet audits, accurate fleet registers and vehicle valuations.

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