Project Image the online waste portal generates valuable business enquiries is an online directory of suppliers of waste management services, endorsed by and developed in conjunction with the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA). replaced the IWMSA’s printed “Buyers Guide” providing a more detailed and easy to use source of waste management service suppliers in 24 categories of supply. Members of the IWMSA can register as a supplier for free and non-members pay a nominal R500 ex VAT for registration.

Activity on the website increases monthly but more importantly we are getting numerous and valuable business enquiries asking us to provide supplier details for sizable service needs. As examples (abridged):

  • I have 20 tons of waste cardboard available for sale, who will buy this from me.
  • We are currently starting up a Windfarm, the services that we require for the site are:
    • The temporary storage on site of hazardous waste within a leak proof skip
    • Removal of the hazardous waste and safe disposal to a registered hazardous disposal site, of the hazardous waste.
  • We are a recycling factory in Turkey; we need 300 tons of HDPE Milk Bottles scraps. Our capacity is 3000Ton/ month.

Increasingly suppliers are registering on We have 24 categories of service supply, 169 suppliers in total (growing daily), with their contact details. As examples, today we have:

  • 68 national suppliers registered for Recycling & Recovery
  • 28 suppliers of Electronic waste management services
  • 36 suppliers of Landfill management services
  • 48 suppliers of Industrial waste management services

If you are a supplier of waste management services, register on allwastesolutions. Enquiries we receive through our “I need a waste management service” facility are directed to registered suppliers.

If you require services please go to allwastesolutions and identify suppliers or complete the “I need a waste management service” facility.

With the increasing awareness of corporate and household responsibility for waste management we are confident that will continue to grow and add value to participants.

Nigel Webb –

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