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A great example of fleet management powered by technology

Online vehicle auctions are an established fleet management service which provide a fully inclusive vehicle disposal service. Today, they extend beyond the vehicle sale and incorporate additional features and services that add enormous value and innovation to the management of the fleet.

A vehicle inspection and condition report is a normal pre-sale requirement but it too has benefit for day to day fleet management operations, especially if it is quick, easy and available as an app which can be used for daily operations. The inspection app can be used as a stand-alone service for daily vehicle checks and has the flexibility to provide limited or extended inspection facilities.

Daily checks, which validate AARTO roadworthy requirements such as lights / indicator functionality, license validation and odometer readings can be included in the “short” form, whereas an extended half yearly condition report can include a wide range of requirements such body and mechanical condition. For fleets using Full Maintenance Lease services, where good vehicle condition is critical, detailed condition reports facilitate the avoidance of the costly consequences of poor condition.

SA Vehicle licenses and driver’s license include a 2D encrypted Bar Code which in the case of the Vehicle License includes the full scope of vehicle information included in the registration documents and the driver’s license has a wide range of information including photos, date of birth, restrictions and validity. The reading of this encrypted information is included in the app, facilitating the management of vehicle and driver licensing.

Both inspection reporting and license validation play a most critical and necessary role in the day to day management of a fleet. Importantly, they can be used as a stand-alone service during the life of the vehicle.

The online auction facility includes a number of additional features and services:

  • An estimate of the vehicle resale value based on vehicle model, age and condition – very useful throughout the life of the vehicle.
  • The collection of the vehicle and its movement to a secure area where the sale transaction is administered and concluded.
  • The completion of the sale includes; licensing requirements, the financial transaction and payment to the owner. There is a service fee.
  • The service provider advises of achieving sale prices in excess of industry benchmarks.

An appealing feature is the ability to initially limit the auction to employees of the company. Specific terms relevant to the employees, such as preferential pricing, can be applied in this phase of the auction. The sale is fully administered by the on line auction provider.

Clearly an online auction where administration is reduced has appeal, but the incorporated features of inspection and condition reporting (available as stand-alone services) have even greater benefit.

This is a great example of fleet management powered by technology.

Published by Nigel Webb, Latitude Fleet Services (Pty) Ltd, March 2018. Cell 083 381 3054

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