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Environmental awareness is increasing worldwide and consequently waste is recognised as a valuable resource, which if managed correctly provides a broad range of economic, social and environmental benefits.

Waste management in South Africa is rapidly expanding and is recognised as having in excess of 100 categories of supply, including as examples:- Biomedical waste, Electronic waste (e-waste), Industrial waste and Recyclable waste. There are a large number of well-established waste management companies who individually provide a number of the identified categories of service supply.

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It is an industry portal which consolidates the suppliers of waste management services into a single website. It has been established in conjunction with the Institute of Waste Management Southern Africa (IWMSA) and is fully endorsed by them.

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  1. Identify and select the category of waste management that you require
  2. The portal will identify suppliers who are able to provide the required service
  3. Contact selected suppliers through telephone, email or website is a portal of waste management suppliers. It is a division of Latitude Fleet Services which also provides a portal of Fleet Management suppliers fleetsolutions

Waste management services often require a fleet of quality vehicles operating at least cost identifies service suppliers

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